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I'm Amanda Hoenes, author of Digging Deeper: USMC Veteran Solo Paddles the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. Since finishing my journey from Montana to the Gulf of Mexico, many have shared how my challenges and adventures have inspired them to pursue their own adventures or face their own fears. 

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My Story

My mission is to bring the power of outdoor adventures into the everyday lives of kids and adults alike.

Young people are especially vulnerable to our age of data, technology and devices which all have benefits, but the side effects are increasing isolation, hampering creativity, and limiting the ability to communicate and think critically. By weaving in my own adventure stories and what I've gained, I hope to plant a seed of enthusiasm for the learning and joy found in outdoor adventures and encourage kids to push their limits, expand their perspective, and believe in the possibilities for their own lives. The message isn't just for kids either. 

Think the outdoors aren't also relevant in the business world? Think again. Exposure to outdoor adventures offers benefits that carry over to the workplace such as team building, communication, problem solving, patience, and perseverance. When people feel empowered by tackling an outdoor adventure or bucket list item, that bolsters joy, contentment, and productivity in the workplace. 

Drawing parallels between outdoor adventures and workplace challenges inspires and empowers teams to look at things differently, take a new approach, and adventure as a team. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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